Workshop Update

we've received a lot of sweet messages and comments on our may workshop. it's going to be so much fun! we had a couple folks ask if we could split up the workshop because they were mainly interested in photography and could only make it to the first day. then i had coffee with some non-photographer friends, and they said the exact opposite. they want to learn about the mixed media art on day two, but weren't as interested in the photography stuff on day one. so, it got me thinking……
everyone is unique with different desires, interests and needs, that's what makes life so sublime. i've never been one to fit into a box or to try to put someone into one. so, we've decided to split the workshop up into two days to allow more flexibility for our attendees. feel free to sign up for just one day, either focusing on photography
(day one) or mixed media art (day two) or spend both days with us, and enjoy the whole shebang!

get all the info over on our workshop blog.