Winter Calm

close the windows, turn on the stove, brew hot tea to hold. winter is coming, winter dark, winter cold, winter hunger. harvest the moon and be prepared.


begin to search for a new direction, but first keep the warm air trapped under the comforter for a few more sleepy minutes. eyes open and close and open. branches slowly come into focus and a list is made of all the things to make and do for the next 1,000 years.

light is hard to come by. we make do with what there is to the shrouded days. at night we have to generate our own light, make our own heat. there is energy to burn. dance party, bonfire, the oven is hot! make love, bake a pie or two to share, hold hands, and soak in the bathtub all night long…..

*we spied this lonely slide along the hood canal on our way out to the cabin for our thanksgiving feast. we had to do a u-turn and whip out the camera to capture the grey quiet calm. the lovely copy above was pulled from one of my favorite books collect raindrops by nikki mcclure. Get some great artsy gifts designed by nikki over on buy