Destination-Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

The tiny plane ride to Vieques Island was all worth it, the anticipation was the worst part really. It was a short flight, so I just looked through the viewfinder the entire time and frantically snapped. It was a perfect fix because looking through a viewfinder often transports me out of my body and brain. It was amazing up there above Puerto Rico and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully avoiding the whole I am going to puke, faint and crap my pants all at the same time sensation the second time around.


Renee and Josh celebrated their marriage at the W resort on Vieques. A lavish resort located on the charming somewhat rustic Vieques island. I loved the contrast between the two. As you leave the resort with it’s stylish decor and perfect palms you are greeted by wild horses, potholed bumpy roads and serene never ending empty beaches. It’s the type of place that you are tempted to keep quiet about, wanting to keep it all to yourself. On the eve of Renee and Josh’s wedding they celebrated with loved ones at a glowing beach barbecue. Good times with lovely music, soft sand, sweet people and the biggest moon we’ve ever seen.