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agate hunt- melissa & john

We met Melissa and John at Lincoln Park in West Seattle for a little “get to know you” + portrait time. As you’ll see below we got very lucky with the weather for February. Since Melissa loves to beach comb and search for agates, John had a special custom agate setting made for her engagement ring. This is a guy who knows what really matters. The ring was designed by White Space Jewelry. These two are getting married in June at a family cabin up on Lopez Island and we are beyond excited to be there for all the fun.

“There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.”


rediscovering frames from the past.


This is our cousin Michael and he is one of our favorite people. We were so excited to meet his new puppy when he came for a visit last weekend. There are so many things to love about Michael. He is an avid writer, filling pages upon pages with reckless abandon. You know how you buy yourself that really pretty journal with the handmade paper and then get so freaked out about the blank pages that you never write in it? Not Michael, he buys the prettiest journals he can and jumps right in, sometimes writing in them before he leaves the bookstore. He even sleeps with his journals. He always asks how you are doing and really listens to your answer. He is quick to give a compliment and an honest opinion. He sings fearlessly, out of the blue he will bust into song. He’ll grab you when you are least expecting it and spin you for a dance. He hugs his family all the time. His life is full of writing, singing, dancing and hugging; all that anyone could hope for. Now he has the cutest puppy on the planet on top of all that. But my favorite thing about Michael is that he calls me Feather, the best nickname anyone has ever given me.