Tacoma Bridal Show

This is where I spent my weekend. I met so many excited brides, grooms, moms and friends. Everyone looking for inspiration for their upcoming celebrations. I think I finally have the perfect booth display! It took a couple times to get it right but I really feel like this display represents my work and style the best. The show promoter actually calls these events Bridal Expos, I happen to hate the word Expo. So I will always refer to them as Bridal Shows instead of Expos. My friend Sylvia dislikes "Pavilion" and my other friend Micheal hates the word ointment. When people say "hamstring" it makes my skin crawl….what word drives you crazy?


Next weekend I will be up in Bellevue at a Wedding Show. If you are from the area and planning a wedding come check out the Bellevue Wedding Show. Make sure to stop by my booth and say Hello! Also wanted to add a Thank-you to Aletha over at Pearls Events for featuring the above photos and writing some positive words of encouragement on her blog!