Sweet Sarah Collage

It’s been a busy week, running around getting ready to do wedding shows the next couple weekends. This has helped motivate me to finish several mixed media pieces to display. It’s been fun making a mess in my art room…beeswax is everywhere! I stayed up much to early (4am) last night working on the large green collage below. It is now hanging in the center of my booth as the star of the show. I also finished a sweet pink collage of my client Sarah smiling away on her wedding day. I featured this photo in an earlier post. Her smile is so warm and genuine! I didn’t even have to crack corny jokes to get her to smile (such as…"say fuzzy pickles"). I am not kidding, a photographer in Iowa at my Grandpa’s Birthday party kept telling us to yell "Fuzzy Pickles" while she took our group photos (it was very weird). The point being Sarah didn’t need any tricks to look amazing. She was smiling so BIG all day, happy as can be! This photo really captures her sweet spirit, and I really wanted to take it a step further by creating a collage with it. The only gift I wanted for the Christmas was some time to myself to cut, glue and paint a little. So as Christmas came to an end, I sneaked away to my art room and started this piece of Sarah….


wood panel canvas, printed paper, fabric, jewels, photograph and beeswax.