Sanford and Son – amongst the junk

at my latest portrait session inspiration struck at an antique store in tacoma. it's namesake is the 1970's hit show sanford and son. i just got a good giggle from turk and j.d.'s version of the show's theme song on scrubs. that little tune reminds me of being a girl and "junking" with my folks. i spent many weekends getting lost in antique malls and junk shops with my imagination running wild. they were often busy rearranging their booth full of old rusty treasures and i was free to explore aisle after aisle of curious relics. we had an antique apple press in one corner of our dining room and a tall mannequin dressed in 40's clothes in the opposite. my parents taught me to appreciate the past and to always be on the lookout for a special treasure that was considered junk by someone else. my mom has had several booths at junk shops over the years. it's so fun to merchandise and hear about what items sell and which ones just sit. she just opened a new one a few weeks ago and i am so excited for her! now we have a whole new reason for going "junking" together and a perfect excuse for stopping at every yard sale.

in march i met catherine, madeline and michael in downtown to do a little portrait session. the rain and wind were not apart of our original plan for the day. quite naturally without much thought we migrated to my favorite local shop, sanford and son on antique row. it's huge, yellow and full of artifacts. the owner is named alan and he kindly welcomed us into his warehouse and encouraged us to explore. we were grateful and excited about our unexpected change in location. it wasn't hard to make beautiful portraits because of their mutual respect and love for each other and also for the art of photography. catherine is a photographer herself and she is very beautiful, kind, supportive and full of positive energy. i felt very free to follow my own instincts and eye on this shoot. here are a few of my favorites from our inspiring afternoon together amongst the junk!
















"to invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk"

-thomas edison