Sanctuary at Admiral – sara & martin

sarah and martin promised forever on a snowy saturday in march in west seattle. these two love to kiss… lips, cheeks, hands, can’t get enough. it’s so sweet. since i love taking smooching photos, we were a match made in heaven.





i realize that all people who marry really like each other, but these two REALLY like each other! sometimes i think being liked is better than loved. since being liked is conditional. sara and martin have both going on. in my crystal ball, i can see them. giving each other wrinkled kisses. people driving by will say "oh look at that cute old couple kissing on the corner". then they will smile and wave and go in for another. xoxoxoxo


venue: sanctuary at admiral

yummy food by: ravishing radish

cool iron tree thingy: rented elegance

dress designed by the talented: chrissy wai-ching

see another awesome chrissy dress here: the fitting, the wedding