peek: puerto rico, blowhole- karla & javier

The first week of February we took a whirlwind weekend trip to Puerto Rico and fit more into two days than I think we have milked since our college road trip days. We drove across the island in the middle of the night and woke up to a dream beach at the Villa Montana Resort in Isabela. First off we met Karla and Javier otherwise known as “the nicest people in the whole wide world”. Next Javier gave us a beach tour of his hometown to scout photo spots. The tour included sand dunes, gritty abandoned beach houses and my 1st Medalla, which I had before coffee (that’s a first).  A barefoot bonfire beach party and more Medalla. Two visits to the gigantic blowhole down the road. An attack by the most aggressive fire ants in the world. Note to self, even if the angle is better on top of the ant hill, don’t stand on it. The funniest set of bridal crew photos ever. A ceremony completely in Spanish that took me right back to my summer in Mexico when I was 16. Dancing, dancing dancing! Observing the effects of multiple shots of coconut moonshine on gringos. A late night traditional Puerto Rican band which led the guests from one venue to the next. An impromptu dance parade with all the guests right in step. Then another bonfire, more dancing and moonshine.