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Massachusetts Wedding – shaylah & jonathan

this wedding started in peabody and ended in manchester-by-the-sea. it was lovely from start to finish. i was spinning in circles with cameras whirling every which way trying to capture all the cuteness. the always beautiful blog once wed is featuring this wedding today and we are so excited about that!
































i was on my own for this one since jon was busy teaching pottery up in castine, maine that week. i knew that i must shoot this wedding after shaylah told me that her wedding planning inspiration was the movie "big fish" and that she was thinking of her wedding as one giant art project! i think that's how everyone should approach wedding planning, with the same enthusiasm and excitement as a new art project. shaylah is also a talented photographer, each time i fired my hasselblad she would squeal with delight and say "oh, I love that sound!" i asked my friend susan adam to join me on my little wedding adventure roadtrip from maine to massachusetts. it was so nice to have her there as my helper in jon's absence (since i must admit, i feel a little lost without him). it was a humid rainy day, but shaylah and jonathan never let that dampen their wedding spirits. if anything the raindrops brought all their loved ones closer together as they put puzzles together, played cards, ate pie and danced to lady gaga records in the cozy living room of their friend george's house. it was as sweet as it looks.

(oh, and that ice cream truck just happened to roll by the church during family photos!)

*see more over on their wedding slideshow*

A Painting

by susan adam inspired from an image that i shot during this portrait session in blue hill, maine. i can not wait to see the original 30×30 oil painting in live person when i visit susan's gallery in castine maine this june. i now recognize colors and shapes that i simply overlooked in camera. love how she painted the bookshelf, silver bowl and old green chair. am drawn in by these playful shapes and vibrant colors.

Susan Adam_One Love Photo


i am in awe and inspired. am really wanting to take a painting lesson or two. maybe three.


02-Cabin-Castine 03-Cabin-Castine 04-Cabin-Castine and buns!
(from my favorite little beach cabin in castine, maine.)

funny story….when i was eight or maybe nine we had our own little rustic beach cabin that my dad built on pirates cove in grapeview, washington. we spent the summers exploring the secret world of crabs and starfish at low tide and rowing past this really creepy house where a "witch" lived at high tide. when the sun would go down, we would have big bonfires with all the other cabin people. one time the neighbor boy dipped his marshmallow into the heart of the fire. he pulled it out quickly in a panic and started swinging the flaming sugar ball back and forth, around in circles, trying desperately to put the fire out and save it from a blackened death. suddenly, the burning ball launched off his stick, flew through the air and landed right on my dad's crotch! it stuck and my dad screamed like a girl. then he ran down the beach and leaped into the cold salty bay fully clothed in the moonlight. i have never seen him move that fast before or since. come to think of it, i've never really heard my mom laugh quite like that before or since either. my poor dad was one man in a house full of girls, and we would never understand the panic and terror he felt that night. we would just laugh and tell the story again and again.

(p.s.-this is the perfect story to tell pre-adolescent boys when they are flinging marshmallow and sticks around your face at a bonfire, it calms them right down.)