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A Practical Wedding – special feature

wanted to say a big thanks to meg over at a practical wedding for writing a great post about ember and ben’s bainbridge island wedding this past weekend. em and i were both tickled this morning, reading her lovely words and thoughts on the wedding. meg has such a great blog for brides who are trying their hardest to have a practical wedding. it was an honor to have my work featured on her site!



i love this part of her post, "this wedding between two long time partners and parents was a
celebration of an existing family, which is such a powerful reminder of
what weddings are really about." amen meg!

It’s Official – ember & ben

coming off a wedding marathon. had to take the day to recover and hang low after five days of weddings in a row. started out with a traditional nigerian ceremony and ended with a love parade. sandwiched in the middle was my best friend ember’s spontaneous wedding. she started to plan her wedding two weeks ago when inspiration hit after a visit to the bloedel garden reserve on bainbridge island. before i knew it, a plan was in place for a simple ceremony with just their immediate family at the garden. we were invited as the official photographers. but when you plan a wedding in such a short period of time some things can fall through the cracks. em called a few days before for a judge, but discovered that no one would be available on 8-8-08. luckily she had rented a beautiful house on the island starting thursday. the wedding had to be bumped up a day early. the plan for family remained unchanged for friday. a few friends were asked to come witness and celebrate on thursday. i pulled my birthday girl weight and insisted on being an official paper signing witness. doesn’t 8-7-08 have a nice ring to it?







i love shooting weddings, it’s always an extra special treat to photograph my friends getting married! it presents issues like trying to toast and shoot at the same time. or wearing a dress and hauling gear. or making sure to set the camera down and visit and giggle a bit. it’s this balancing act that makes them extra special. i am so excited for these two! in my mind they have been married since their first little one arrived in this world. i felt like this weekend was more a celebration of their sweet family and what a wonderful job these two are doing as parents. a time to toast their love and to enjoy their two beautiful boys. i miss their sweet cheeks and big eyes already. more photos to come from their special garden day with family on 8-8-08. i love extended wedding weekends!

Laurie Cinotto – vintage & modern inspired floral

I was first inspired by Laurie Cinotto
when I photographed her best friend Eileen’s delightful garden wedding
on Bainbridge Island a few years ago. Laurie had designed all the
floral for the wedding. My favorite detail that she created was
hundreds of flowers tied to ribbons hanging from a willow
tree. The magical tree was the focal point for the wedding day. It was
so beautiful it almost outshone the bride, but it didn’t, instead
it complimented her perfectly! Above are just a few of my favorite images to see more go to the Garden Delight Gallery on my website.

I am lucky enough to live in Tacoma with Laurie and to often run into her at my favorite grocery store. She has such a sweet spirit, every time I talk to her I am enlightened about something new and creative. It is Laurie who first introduced me to the world of blogs. In passing I had mentioned that I thought blogs were boring. She sweetly said "Oh I know of a few that are really great, I look at them every morning for inspiration, I’ll send you some links to check out".  The next day a friendly email arrived with links to Design Sponge and Posie gets Cozy. From those two little links I started reading a couple dozen fun artistic blogs daily and eventually started my own! So I can thank Laurie for getting me started on my blog. I was very excited when I got a message form Laurie letting me know that Design Sponge was featuring her home on their sneak peek guest blog. You have to go check out the feature, her house is awesome! I can’t wait to visit and see it with my own eyes. Below are some of my favorite images from her website and the Design Sponge feature. Read the full article and see all the images HERE! 

In addition to doing floral design, Laurie also makes and sells faux corsages made of paper flowers and artificial birds in her Etsy Shop. This is one of her “paper fancies”. She makes the flowers with a heavy german crepe paper and then dips them in wax. I think these would be so amazing as an element in a centerpiece at a wedding. When my good friend Kate was planning her wedding I knew that Laurie had to be the florist for the event. She created a very unique and lovely cabbage bouquet for Kate’s wedding that matched  her style perfectly. Laurie is also the creator of one of my favorite blogs called the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Go check out all the cute little kitties! Lottie is my favorite, I love her pink nose!