Oh Joy!

First off I am very excited that a couple of my photos are featured on another blog called Perfect Bound.
This blog is a great resource and launch pad for other interesting blogs.

I just got off the phone with my dear friend Cory, girl talk is such a great thing! Cory just returned from her honeymoon, she was married on October 20th. Her wedding was a fun event, very small and casual at Gold Run Retreat in Idaho. Cory and Damon had a short but sweet ceremony with their closest family and friends around them. Jon and I were involved in all aspects of the wedding, beyond photography. I was HONORED to be her Matron of Honor. Jon composed a beautiful musical piece to play for their precession. He also played some mean slide guitar during the reception. With the help of my fun and creative friends (Sue, Sylvia, and Kate) we arranged flowers for the centerpieces and decorated the lodge for the wedding. The morning of we had to get creative because it was raining. The plan for an outdoor ceremony wasn’t going to happen. We did a little brainstorming, a little cleaning, some rearranging and created the perfect spot for an indoor ceremony. Before the wedding we put on our raincoats and went on a beautiful stroll through the golf course near the retreat. Damon and his friends were off riding 60 miles (or something crazy like that) on their bikes. After the morning activities a big group of us went to the Snake Pit for lunch. Luckily during lunch everyone helped me come up with ideas for the the TOAST! A few sips of vino and a couple pep talks later I was toasting away!

Jon and I deciding if he should start the song for the ceremony and if I should send Damon in. Thanks to Kate for stepping in as photographer since Jon and I were both occupied. I think she may be a natural…

The perfect gift for these two..a tandem bike they have been drooling over (or least Damon has been).

One of my favorite smiles in the world!

Our fabulous DIY floral design!

Cory (otherwise known as the candy monster) added a special touch to the reception by filling bowls with all her favorite candy. She provided little bags for guests to fill so they could nibble on the sweet treats all night long.

Cheers to Cory and Damon! To friendship and happy ever after!