Maine – part three

here’s the maine grand finale! the one i’ve been waiting for. posted part one almost a month ago. it’s been a whirlwind since returning. been thinking about these portraits often. eager for them to have their turn, to give them some love. was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot two portrait sessions while i was in castine. am happy to report that jon will be teaching there again next year. hoping that i’ll shoot more portraits in this lovely village. but for now these will keep me busy and happy.

meet hailey



the main mission for my 2nd session was to get a shot of the two oldest girls together. i met their aunt susan at her gallery. she needed a photograph of her nieces, to inspire a painting to give her sister betsy. while i was at betsy’s perfectly imperfect old farmhouse i couldn’t help but include her two younger ones. i think i could have stayed there all week shooting away. betsy let me do my thing and gave us space. i love that, that’s when i best connect with kids. am very eager to see which image gets selected for the painting, even more excited to see the finished piece.

meet apple, isabell, elias and sadie.