Love Bug

keep thinking about my very good friend janice who is about ready to pop. hoping that little guy inside makes his exit sooner than later. took photos almost a month ago of her sweet son micah with her baby belly. love watching her hands rub and rest on her round belly. i always want to reach out and give it a feel. i try to control myself. because i’ve heard how annoying this can be. but every once in awhile without knowing, i find my hand on her belly. every woman who has grown a baby inside, is growing one or is thinking
about the possibility…..must read this wonderfully written post by the talented ms. marta. this girl has a way with words!

micah is a love bug. he
babies. during our last visit we looked at his baby book together. each time i would
flip the
page he would squeal at the site of himself as a baby. looking at each photo carefully, pointing, clapping and giggling. he melts my heart. when we
visit, he always shows me his very own baby doll. he loves to carry her
around with him and sweetly chimes B-A-B-Y! he so affectionate. can’t imagine what he will be like with his own real baby brother. when we visit he comes running full speed, arms open, ready to hug and kiss. the same scene plays out as we leave. oh, little one, you better be ready for thousands of kisses.
the more i look at these photos the more i see his dad. i see his
sensitive side. i see anticipation and love. little one prepare to be
smothered. xoxoxoxoxo