"i’m from home". this response was always met with a puzzled look and a "no really, where are you from?"  "really, i am from home" there is a community in washington on a quiet little bay with a view of mount rainer and it’s called home. this is where i’m from. i moved out on my own 14 years ago and have moved at least 10 times since, but this is where i’m from.

i grew up here, became a woman here. most importantly i discovered photography here. early on i had a clear vision of images i wanted to create. i would dress my friend marcie up in different outfits, from safari gear to frilly old prom dresses. we would float around our property, each in our own role. fulfilling daydreams, photographer and model. she would climb trees for me, pose in old doorways and lay in the grass next to a green pond. at age 14, i was certain photography was for me.

during art school i rediscovered the old stinky shop. this was my dad’s hide out. full of old tools and wooden things. big windows and beautiful light. the perfect place for me to study the zone system by ansel adams. I concentrated on shadow and highlight ratios. created beautiful b&w images of old bookcases, boats and empty old bottles. i amazed myself with the tonal range and details in my fiber base prints. i started to believe that i was becoming a photographer.

when two little boys joined our family. i would follow my nephews around, camera in hand. capturing their sweet little cheeks as they picked huge dahlias in the garden. watching them through the viewfinder as they learned to cast a fishing pole, tried to skip rocks, got stuck in the mud, picked blueberries and rolled around in the grass. photography had never been so fun.

i will miss the dahlia patch the most. there is something extra special about a colorful bouquet of flowers from your parent’s garden. i love this photo of my mom and reece giggling together. this is from the day last summer, the announcement was made. they tried to explain why, "when you are our age you will understand, we want to simplify". if you look hard you can see my dad on the deck, enjoying the view and a beer. i can’t help but wonder what he will do with himself.

today my parents handed the keys over to the new owners. the papers were signed and our home in home is no longer ours. last week i did a farewell photo shoot out at the house. below are the last three photos i shot before i walked out the door. i guess it’s time to find a new special spot. to capture photos i can’t even imagine if i tried. not quite ready for that, today i’m nostalgic, goodbye home. it’s been something sweet.

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