Goodbye, Hello

today was my last day of work. i skipped out of cubicle land and drove straight to yoga to celebrate. i have worked full time at a newspaper as a photographer while launching one love photo  over the last three years. it’s been a busy three, with little sleep and lots of caffeine. it’s all been worth it. and today was the big pay off. i would have never survived without my husband jon’s love and support. he has put in hours upon hours of editing and shooting, helping me make this happen. he’s even bedazzled postcards for me in a pinch. now we have a busy summer ahead of us with so many amazing weddings. there is so much fun to come!

while clearing files off my work computer i couldn’t seem to delete the photo below. i would delete it, but then it would pop up again somewhere else. at one point it was flashing as my screen saver. luckily my friend gil is a whiz and finally cleared all my personal photos off the machine. then the time was right for my exit. I was waving and giggling all the way out. am thinking this photo best represents how i felt today. been daydreaming about this for a long time……

today was a day of many goodbyes and even more hellos:

goodbye gray cubicle
goodbye to having a boss.
goodbye clocking in and out.
goodbye permission for a play day.
goodbye health benefits,matching 401k, and paid vacations.
goodbye refrigerator building and wearing a sweater in july.
goodbye to my creative girls and so many sweet people, take care my friends!

hello uncertainty.
hello to making it happen.
hello overpriced heath care.
hello 12:00 noon yoga class.
hello to working in my p.j.’s.
hello colorful, clean new studio.
hello budget and clipping coupons.
hello new passports and backpacks.
hello thursday farmer’s market adventures.
hello jon’s lovely guitar playing next to me while i edit.
hello to all my wonderful clients, prepare to get spoiled rotten!