Girls Weekend – orcas island

when we’re together we will always be girls. someday we will be sixty something with gray hair and plenty of smile lines. we will still call ourselves girls. it will always be girls weekend, never a women’s retreat.

girls weekend….time to connect. to act silly. to giggle. to pretend we are sixteen again. to cook for people who appreciate it. to go off our diets. to talk about what we love about our men. and what drives us crazy. to compare stories and feelings. to lust after each other’s sweatshirts and jeans. to discuss skin care and wrinkles. to encourage each other to treat ourselves to what we deserve. to buy cute things at gift shops. to search for treasures at the island dump for 8 minutes. to flip through piles of magazines. to daydream about seaside cabins and villas abroad. to get stiff necks while combing the beach. to search the sand for pretty little things. to be carefree artists with painted fingertips. to create little works of art. to adorn dream boxes. to make a fabulous mess and then clean it up before bed. to learn from each other. to realize we are all in this together. to be renewed.

someone said "when we are older and have more money we should fly away somewhere for girls weekend" all week i’ve been thinking why wait? been daydreaming about a trip south to san miguel de allende  with mi amigas next year. but for now, i’m grateful for our sweet ferry ride escape. thank you margaret for sharing your lovely new home. it’s just what i pictured from your little paper model. perfect in every way!