Coast to Coast

have just returned from a week on the east coast. selling lots of miniature pots and celebrating people who love them. after four days of miniatures, we headed to boston to see the sights. the skies cleared as we headed out on the town to possibly catch a game at fenway park against the yankees. a rain delay on the game worked in our favor, as we strolled up to the park just in time to hear the roar of the crowd. stumbled into someone with tickets outside and decided to splurge a bit. sometimes you can’t put a price tag on certain experiences. i guess that’s the whole concept behind the popular advertising campaign by visa. but the game, the third of the series against the yankees, really was priceless! fulfilling a 22 year baseball dream-priceless. jon’s smile looking out from the green monster-priceless. the drunk guy screaming "yankees suck" behind me-priceless. joining the drunk guy and becoming a crazy cheering baseball fan for a night-priceless! i didn’t know i had it in me.

in additional to miniatures and baseball, we squeezed in a little trip to the coastal town of gloucester to shoot a family portrait. once again my friend susan from maine set up the shoot, with the hopes of getting a nice image to paint from for her friends. susan and her husband josh drove down from maine, we drove up from boston and we all met at her friend’s very special summer vacation home in gloucester. had a lovely evening enjoying a little slice of heaven. enjoyed all three kids, but of course the nine year old named soren automatically had a special place in my heart.


was very interesting photographing another soren. weird that he was the same age, had the same tan skin and brown eyes, the same charisma and spunk. but he wasn’t my soren, not the one i started photographing in my sister’s belly almost ten years ago. not the same one that i bought clothes for in italy when he was still the size of an olive. not the one i watched enter the world through my viewfinder as i struggled to focus with teary eyes and a tight throat. not the one i watched take first steps, or sang silly lullabies to as he danced in his crib. not the same one that loves to be the center of attention and has the potential to be a rock star. this family had never know another soren and were quite surprised that i had a special one of my own. i have know a few, actually three officially and then there is this local film critic that makes four. i have never met him but i do take his advice. what do the three have in common? a special spark and big brown eyes. my soren is the one on the left and my next new favorite soren is on the right. am thinking these two need to be pen pals.