i shot this photo at heather's
parent's house moments before she got dressed on her wedding day. loved looking at all of their family wedding photos and was excited to know that our photos would be displayed lovingly on this wall in the family gallery. this
photo has really got me thinking about my blank walls.
it's quite ridiculous how many we have (considering our profession). my
favorite thing is to study a friend's cluttered fridge or a bulletin
board covered in old images. started to wonder why i couldn't
cover my walls in a similar haphazard fashion.

am drawn to this idea of random wall art clusters. it reminds me of the installation art by barry mcgee. his art clusters were inspired by a church he visited in south america. the church was filled with items left behind by the thousands of people who had made a pilgrimage to the church. one wall contained clusters of small framed images
holding drawings of people, places, and cars. after his visit to the church he decided to begin framing his accumulation of drawings he had been making for years and hung
them in groups on the walls of his studio. eventually his art clusters found their way into museums and galleries.


as much as i love his work  i know that most of us will not be able to install something quite that dense and complicated in our own homes. but we can draw from the energy that his work evokes. to consider filling a wall with personal photographs and sketches of the sweet details of our lives. below are a few of my favorite walls i have found  while looking for inspiration on my favorite design sites. am now on a hunt for vintage frames at thrift stores and will be making a run to aaron brothers framing for their penny sale this week. am very excited to shuffle through old boxes of photographs and to frame familiar faces and far away lands, sunsets and smiles. don't know why i have been content for so long to stare at plain butter walls.


upper left: a group of black-and-white photographs in white mattes and black frames
read as one large work when hung in a loose, unfussy grid.

upper right: not your typical office space. inspiration pulled from magazines and photo albums to get the creative juices flowing.

lower left: from the home of my friend laurie cinotto. here hangs art by several artists along with family photos, found objects, and miniatures.

lower right: inexpensive frames joined with duct tape create one large piece. color blocks and nature shots balance out the baby photos.

LovelyRoom-WallCluster  love this bedroom. i want to jump into this bed, rest my head on the blue and white floral pillow and stare at the paintings and little details and call this my own. can't imagine a better place to nap.

Bookshelf  the last one is off subject. but i just love bookshelves arranged by color. a literary rainbow. now go buy or make some frames. and please save the wedding photos from the "box".