Chicago – bits and pieces

have just returned from sunny chicago. spent the first couple days enjoying the finest miniatures from all over the world at the international miniature show. jon made the mistake of encouraging me to go out and hunt for little treasures for my collage art at the show. treasures i found. am excited to glue my new bits and pieces.

sunday we went to the city. the king size bed and stunning view from the 14th floor almost sucked us in for the night (almost). we managed to escape to the underground wonder bar for late night reggae. i always wish for a sketchbook to doodle in when i listen to live music. was quite excited to see the tablecloths made of white butcher paper and small cups full of dull crayons. we colored away while bobbing our heads. during the midnight set it sounded like bob was singing to us.

due to our late night adventure we got off to a late start on monday. this is how it goes. we drove up to the lillstreet art center in ravenswood. this fall jon had sent them a beautiful collection of pots for a small scale ceramic show. we went to retrieve the pots and to check out the center. it is messy, old, colorful and fabulous. enjoyed the lovely stairways full of light. i brought my silly holga along with me and wandered around pointing and shooting. oh how tacoma needs a place like that. a place where creative adults and children can play and flourish.

the art center staff suggested we head down the block to architectural artifacts to explore. we got lost in there. the
hours passed in a blur of giant mirrors, iron flowers, retro couches, ceramic hands, classic games and vintage letters. was so happy as i
clicked away, looking through my plastic viewfinder. dug through a
giant pile of chandelier bits, left with a small collection of perfectly
dirty vintage pieces. i think they will be perfect floating in beeswax in a collage. most of these antique treasures came
from argentina. i’ve been daydreaming of buenos aires for some time.
it’s been bumped into the #1 spot on my list.
must go on a treasure hunt in argentina.

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