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whidbey island wedding, freeland hall- kathleen & jon

In addition to having the most perfect weather, a joyous ceremony and the best dance party ever, these two raised a whole bunch of money for cancer research. They asked their guests to donate money instead of giving gifts and organized a dessert dash at their wedding. Simple breakdown of the dessert dash; you create […]

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double trouble

Yesterday was an odd day. First off it was unusually hot around here. One could say we are having a little heatwave. Secondly our giant kitty friend caught two mice and brought them home. This is rather odd since we have lived here for seven years and have never seen a single mouse. I’m very […]

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thinking i may be over thinking

Somehow it’s gotten to a point where I hardly blog at all anymore. And when I do it’s mainly photographs, edited pretty photographs with very little to no words at all. The words that are written are often generalized and vanilla. I lost my blogging mojo somewhere in 2010. I upgraded the blog from Typepad […]

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