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aloha- nina & chris

A few images from Chris and Nina’s Oahu engagement session. We started in the heart of Honolulu and discovered that the holiday lanterns hanging outside the ‘Iolani Palace perfectly matched Nina’s amazing party dress! It was all so sweet that it made me think they should just switch gears and get married right then and there. But I didn’t want to get blamed for anyone else’s elopement (not sure if Jon’s Mom will ever forgive us for our wedding trick). After a bit, we headed into the hills above town to show them our favorite patch of trees and the always impressive Tantalus Drive view.

chilly willy- michelle & luke engaged

I believe that this may be winter’s grand finale week. Certainly feels like the build up to something new on this incredibly dreary wet morning. I certainly hope so because I have put off buying a proper winter dress coat all winter. But I am growing quite tired of wearing my green puffy coat with my dresses. Since we were lucky enough to spend big chunks of time in Hawaii this winter, I keep telling myself that winter is just a temporary situation. No need to go crazy with new coats, scarves and boots. I feel like if I invest in such things at this point than winter wins. Michelle and Luke are getting married in the sunshine state of Florida in a couple months. We decided to go the opposite direction for their engagement photos and completely freeze to death. We started our session with their three adorable dogs up on Queen Anne Hill, stopped for some food at good old “Dicks” on our way to Pike Place. We wrapped up in Post Alley, where I become obsessed with the hand painted tables outside of “Sisters” European restaurant. The next day I painted my own version of that striped shirt muscle man table because I couldn’t get it out of my mind. You never know where you will find inspiration. Like winter, I am convinced I hate it. But then I look at these chilly willy portraits and realize that it’s pretty sweet how the cold makes people snuggle up like crazy. This could be our last cuddly winter weekend. Take full advantage.

capitol hill- shaunessy & chris

We met Shaunessy and Chris on the steps of the apartment building where they shared their first kiss. After that we savored the golden sunshine and delicious smells on Capitol Hill on a perfect summer night. These two will tie the knot in October, the day after our 7 year anniversary. I just love autumn weddings! You know those couples that are so natural and just fit perfectly? The ones that don’t have to hold hands the whole time to show their affection, instead they laugh wholeheartedly at each others jokes. That’s these two.