Cabin Love – vashon island

thought i would share these before all the funky cabins out in the world are shut tight for winter. when my friend sue asked me to do a portrait session of her son harper and her sister’s kids i knew we had to do it at her family cabin on vashon island.

this sweet little red thing with a sprawling view is something! the more i look at these photos, the more i see how much this cabin is sue. and how much sue is this cabin.

just like sue the cabin likes a full house. it doesn’t try to put on an act or strive for perfection. it is happy how it is. it’s proud of it’s silly details and vintage finds. it longs for lazy sundays and a comfy orange chair. it loves the collection of rocks and shells on it’s window sill. it welcomes muddy feet returning from a beach adventure. it doesn’t let the rain ruin the weekend. it is perfectly happy with it’s braided brown rug, antique stove, cozy little living room and of course the friendly owl on the toilet seat. it wouldn’t change a thing. and neither would sue.