A Teeny Tiny Wedding

Tonight I have been editing photos from the Teeny Tiny Wedding of Toni and Peter. The two were married on a rainy day in October in the backyard of Toni’s brother’s home in Seattle. There was a total of eight people including the bride and groom… Well, I guess including myself and the judge it was an even ten! It was raining that afternoon but they decided to have the ceremony outside as planned. A small shelter was created with an assortment of umbrellas held by family. Looking at these photos the umbrellas are quite symbolic of Peter being welcomed into Toni’s family!

Toni’s Mother insisted that I be paid with my check in a lucky Red Envelope. Generally it is Chinese tradition that all gifted money at a wedding is placed in a red envelope. Red symbolizes  Good Luck!

While reviewing these images I feel very lucky to be apart of such an intimate and special ceremony!