A New Kind Of Tuesday…..

tuesdays were always my least favorite day at work. i had a regular ongoing appointment each week that never seemed to get any less painful. i always felt stuck and frustrated, taking photos which didn’t use any of my talents. so today, on this lovely free tuesday, i am taking a minute to celebrate a new kind of tuesday. today, i am not going to worry about the future. instead i am happy for where i am at this moment. today’s tuesday has started out quite nice. an early yoga class, the most delicious latte ever and a little garden time. am off to meet a fun new client and photograph her collection of pretty things.



last tuesday i spent the morning with two cuties running around in leotards. shawn and owen, my wedding clients from last summer, took a big leap. they quit their jobs and bought their very own sportswear business. as shawn so perfectly said "tard life is full of pink and purple with lots of sparkles-we couldn’t be happier!" am thinking that is the life i want, lots of sparkles please! was honored to help get things going with their business by doing a photo shoot. am wondering what next tuesday will bring?