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Vieques, Puerto Rico Wedding

Trying to find the right words to describe the awesomeness of this wedding because this one was quite an adventure. Renee and Josh had their wedding on Vieques island in Puerto Rico at the stunning W hotel resort. We started photos in Isabel II the quaint town near the resort, then ventured uphill for a view of the island from the old fort. On our drive back to the W we just happened to spot horses running wild on a golden hillside. At that point I was ready to call it complete perfection and that was before the lovely ceremony, the sunset barefoot beach walk, the unbelievable full moon and the rocking dance party.


Thank you Renee and Josh for inviting us to capture your amazing celebration. We were honored to be with you on your wedding day. Our adventure on Vieques and in Puerto Rico will go down in history as one of our fondest memories.


To read more about Renee & Josh’s fantastic wedding, check out their feature on Style Me Pretty.

Destination-Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

The tiny plane ride to Vieques Island was all worth it, the anticipation was the worst part really. It was a short flight, so I just looked through the viewfinder the entire time and frantically snapped. It was a perfect fix because looking through a viewfinder often transports me out of my body and brain. It was amazing up there above Puerto Rico and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully avoiding the whole I am going to puke, faint and crap my pants all at the same time sensation the second time around.


Renee and Josh celebrated their marriage at the W resort on Vieques. A lavish resort located on the charming somewhat rustic Vieques island. I loved the contrast between the two. As you leave the resort with it’s stylish decor and perfect palms you are greeted by wild horses, potholed bumpy roads and serene never ending empty beaches. It’s the type of place that you are tempted to keep quiet about, wanting to keep it all to yourself. On the eve of Renee and Josh’s wedding they celebrated with loved ones at a glowing beach barbecue. Good times with lovely music, soft sand, sweet people and the biggest moon we’ve ever seen.

Out at the Cabin, Lake Cushman

We had so much fun down at the ocean that we decided to go for round two out at my parent’s cabin over labor day. Somehow the Abegg’s managed to pick up another VW van between trips. I am always excited for a maiden voyage. Feeling so blessed for all our sunshine and summer fun with our favorite folks. Super pleased with our paddleboard purchase! It’s such an easy way to enjoy the water and everyone can take turns. Or everyone can pile on one at once and try to knock each other off.